本會將於今年10月1日與加拿大華福和其他宣教機構聯合舉辦「羅姆禱告團契」(Roma Prayer Fellowship) 聚會 .  詳情請參閱海報.  敬請預留時間, 並到網上 免費登記 .


本會將於今年5月28日與加拿大華福和其他宣教機構聯合舉辦「羅姆禱告團契」(Roma Prayer Fellowship) 聚會 .  詳情請參閱海報.  敬請預留時間, 並到網上 免費登記 .

本會將於今年3月19日與加拿大華福和其他宣教機構聯合舉辦「烏克蘭危機禱告會」(Crisis in Ukraine Prayer Meeting) .  詳情請參閱海報.  敬請預留時間, 並到網上 免費登記 .



本會將於今年1月29日與加拿大華福和其他宣教機構聯合舉辦「羅姆禱告團契」(Roma Prayer Fellowship) 聚會 .  詳情請參閱海報.  敬請預留時間, 並到網上 免費登記 .

GGCCC 2021 November Newsletter

Through ministry collaboration with other missions organizations, Global Roma Symposium webinar was held on March 27, 2021.  The theme was “Vision? Action?”.  There were seven speakers sharing their visions in Roma ministry and three Roma pastors sharing on church planting, church program and theological education.

On September 18, 2021 brothers and sisters were gathered online to pray for Roma Ministry.  Pastor Radko Kratsov shared  the youth discipleship ministry in Bulgaria, and a short video on the overview of GGCCC Roma Ministry was showed.  The next Roma Prayer Fellowship will be on January 29, 2022 2pm EST with Pastor Janne Harjukoski, a board member of the Roma Networks from Finland as the speaker.

This summer partner with pastors in Balkans, GGCCC STM team members prepared an online training program for Roma youths in Serbia, North Macedonia and Romania whereas the youths gathered in camp sites or churches.  A total of 14 virtual training sessions were conducted reaching out to about 170 youths.  Training topics included worship; fellowship; prayer; reading & studying the Bible; and the good news.  The program has been well received.  Pray that the youths will continue to practice what they learned in the camps and grow spiritually.


In addition to financially supporting pastors & missionaries in Roma ministry in Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia, GGCCC has also involved in the following 2 new projects.

New Church in Central Romania

Coroi in Central Romania is a mixed village with population of ~1,000.  More than 50 % are Roma.  It is fairly close to where Pastor Nelu lives, Bahnea.

A villager from Coroi asked a Roma Christian from a nearby village to pray for his sick mother with throat cancer in May this year.  This Christian in turn invited Pastor Nelu to come along to pray for the sick mother.  Soon a home group was formed in Coroi.  After visiting families for about a month, tent worship service was started in June.  Being the first church in the village many villagers are curious and they open their hearts to Jesus.  So far total of 11 villagers including the sick woman were baptized.  About 40 people regularly attend the Saturday services.

In August a new Christian offered to donate a piece of land for church building.  As an appreciation, Pastor Nelu paid him €1,000.  The building project was started so that the building could be completed before the winter.  To save money the building was built by team of volunteers from Pastor Nelu congregations.  The church concrete foundation was poured on August 30.  Then the walls were built, roof installed.  Soon after the ceiling was installed, walls were plastered, electricity was brought in, floor installed, and one heating stove with chimney installed. The church inauguration service was held on October 16, 2021 with more than 80 attendees including Christians from nearby villages, less than 6 months after the initial contact with villager in Coroi. Hallelujah! 


After School Program in Central Serbia

Krusevac population is about 120,000 with several Roma areas.  Pastor Miki and his team have already planted two home churches there.  There is a very poor area (Panjevac) with about 2,000 residences on the northwest outskirts of Krusevac.  Children there generally are forced to beg or expelled from school.  There is a great need to help children (age 7-13) to stay in school.  In 2019 with support from Netherlands Pastor Miki organized an after school program for 30-40 children once a week.  However, the program was stopped in 2020 due to lack of funding.

The Wednesday after school program was re-started on Oct 18, 2021 with financial support from GGCCC using a similar format.  Bible lesson follows by 1.5-2 hours of school work and a meal.  The program is held in a rented place located close to children’s homes.  The rented place could also be used for other special programs such as Christmas celebration.  This program will be reviewed in early 2022.


Please remember the Roma ministries in the Balkans in your prayers, especially for the Coroi church and the after school program in Krusevac so that they become a blessing to their community.  Please also pray for God’s mercy to heal the sick mother in Coroi; and our financial needs.



本會將於今年9月18日與加拿大華福和其他宣教機構聯合舉辦「羅姆禱告團契」(Roma Prayer Fellowship) 聚會 .  詳情請參閱海報.  敬請預留時間, 並到網上 https://event.cccowe.ca/rpf2021 免費登記.


本會將於今年3月27日與加拿大華福和其他四個美加宣教機構聯合舉辦為期一天的網絡「環球羅姆人研討會」(Global Roma Symposium).  詳情請參閱海報.  敬請預留時間, 並到網上https://cccowe.ca/.roma2021免費登記.


  • 東歐: 估計疫情將持續到秋季, 故與東歐羅姆人的基督教會合作的夏季青少年領袖培訓事工將會通過網絡進行. 同時, 與加拿大華福和東歐羅姆人的教會聯合舉辦神學教育課程培訓班預計今年九月開始.  並且繼續以金錢和禱告支持當地宣教伙伴.
  • 印尼: 與加拿大K-PACT磋商及探討參與其印尼加里曼丹和附近島嶼的跨文化青少年和兒童福音事工.
  • 蒙古: 參與加拿大華福在蒙古的神學教育教導事工.
  • 北美: 籌備明年三月廿四日至廿六日在多倫多舉辦的「北美羅姆人事工大會」(North America Roma Ministries Conference). 詳情日後公佈.

加拿大普世大使命中心2021年的預算是加幣六萬元, 其中宣教事工佔五萬四千元.  懇請教會牧長和兄姐以金錢和禱告, 見證主名.

Together with CCCOWE Canada and four other North America mission organizations, we are currently organized a one-day Global Roma Symposium Webinar on Saturday, March 27, 2021.  Please reserve your time to attend the free symposium.  For detailed information, please refer to the poster and register online https://cccowe.ca/roma2021.

In addition, the following are our 2021 mission ministries:

  • Eastern Europe: It is estimated that the coronavirus outbreak may continue until this fall, the youth leadership training program with Eastern European Roma Christian churches will be conducted online.  At the same time, a training program on theological education is expected to begin in September this year in collaboration with the CCCOWE Canada and Roma churches in Eastern Europe.  GGCCC will continue to support local Christian partners financially and with prayers.
  • Indonesia: In consultations with K-PACT of Canada, explore the cross-cultural youth and child evangelical ministries in Kalimantan, Indonesia, and nearby islands.
  • Mongolia: In cooperation with CCCOWE Canada, GGCCC will participation in the theological education ministry in Mongolia.
  • North America: Plan and prepare for the North American Roma Ministries Conference in Toronto from March 24-26 next year.  Details will be announced later.

GGCCC budget for 2021 is $60,000, of which $54,000 is for foreign mission ministries.  Cordially invite churches’ pastors, leaders, brothers, and sisters to financially support the above ministries.  Please also pray for the growth and development for our ministries.

自2020年1月開始, 新型冠狀病毒在七個多月內己逐漸擴散全球兩百一十三個國家. 受感染的人數日漸攀升. 許多教會遵循政府下令暫停一切聚會. 教會和福音機構的事工都受疾情影響, 不得不取消或延期己安排的事工計劃和活動. 疾情將會持續多久, 這是難以預測.

加拿大普世大使命中心(簡稱大使命中心)原定在今年七月下旬安排牧長和教會領袖的”羅姆人事工異象巡禮”和”羅姆人青少年事工短宣之旅”. 兩者都因疾情之故己全部取消. 暫時延到明年夏天舉行. 詳情日後另行通知各位.

今年初, 大使命中心與世界華福加拿大聯區, 協同華人福音普世差傳會(加拿大), 美國普世豐盛生命中心, 美國EFCA和Roma Networks, 計劃明年三月二十四至二十六日在多倫多舉辦”北美羅姆人事工研討會”. 主題是”健康的牧師與教會” (Healthy Pastor Healthy Church). 邀請塞爾維亞的Miki牧師, 羅馬尼亞的Nelu牧師和克羅地亞的Sasa弟兄為大會講員. 二十四日, 二十五日和二十六日一連三晚有公開性聚會, 由上述三位講員分別主講, 並介紹當前的羅姆人生活和福音事工. 二十四日和二十五日兩天由上午九時至下午四時半有專題研討. 請各位預留時間参加. 詳情將於九月下旬公佈.

面對疾情的廣泛感染, 讓我們選擇仰望創造主. 祈求平靜安穩. 並向世人廣傳耶穌基督的福音, 分享從神而來的平安和喜樂. 尤其是對羅姆人在生活上和信仰上的需要, 懇切為他們代禱和奉獻, 請支持羅姆人的福音事工.


2020 Roma Youth Training Camp

2019 Roma Ministry





2019 Roma Youth Training Camps

June 16 – 29, 2019 Pastoral Roma Vision Trip


  • To explore how churches in Canada can assist Roma pastors or church leaders to spread the gospel; to build up servant leaders and to become healthy churches
  • To experience Roma culture by visiting Roma villages and churches



  • Visit Nehemia School built and supported by churches in Germany and Switzerland
  • Visit YWAM Duress Office, site of Discipleship Training School
  • Visit a Roma community in Elbasan served by a missionary couple and their family


  • Attend Roma Conference in Ohrid (June 20 – 22)
  • Service in Bitola Roma Church and prayer walk
  • Visit Prilep Roma Church
  • Sunday services in Skopje and Shutka


  • Visit a Roma church at Nis
  • Service at Jagodina Roma Church, visit their kindergarten and camp site
  • Visit church in Zrenjanin and surrounding Roma villages and mission points


  • Visit Roma churches and Roma villages around Targu Mares

Additional Information

  • Budget is CAD$2,800 per person per double occupancy.  Each member to buy his/her air ticket (~$1,500) and emergency medical insurance.  Field expenses will be shared among all members (~$1,300 each).
  • No visas are required for Canadian passport holders.
  • Land transportation by private coach
  • Maximum number of members: 16
  • A short, excellent, documentary on the Roma people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG_aHqYg4dQ.

Host: Global Great Commission Center (Canada)

Co-organizer: Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism – Canada




有關羅姆人的短片:  We are Here – A Story of Jesus and the Unseen Roma (33:31 min long)  https://youtu.be/dG_aHqYg4dQ


奉獻支票抬頭請寫: Global Great Commission Center (Canada) or GGCCC

Praying for the Roma

Rev. Grover Crosby

Almighty and Gracious God, we come to you in Jesus name on behalf of the Roma people (nation).  You know the plight of these dear people as they try to survive in an unwelcoming, deprived and hostile environment.  Thank you for the spread of the gospel among them, giving them hope and a positive identity.  Thank you for the growing number of leaders, both within their communities and non-Roma partners, being raised up to bring them to faith in Jesus, and ground them in their faith.  We pray for the Roma leaders.  Guide them as they develop strategies to reach their people, and provide the resources needed to establish churches among them.  We pray for the youth movements springing up presently.  We pray for a new generation of Spirit filled believers to empower the churches.  Raise up workers/volunteers who can help with education, health and the development of healthy communities.  Thank you for hearing our prayer in Jesus name. Amen!

2018 羅姆人事工分享晚會

加拿大普世大使命定於本年十月二十一日在多倫多城北華人基督教會和十月二十八日在溫哥華基督教頌恩堂舉行兩次羅姆人事工分享晚會。届時由東歐資深羅姆傳道人Miki Kamberovic分享羅姆人面對的挑戰和屬靈生活上的迫切需要。當晚Pastor Miki也會分享羅姆人的音樂。


 2018 October Roma Ministry Vision Sharing Nights

The Global Great Commission Center (Canada) is announcing two upcoming events: 2018 Roma Ministry Sharing Nights at Richmond Hill Christian Community Church in Toronto, on October 21, and at Pacific Grace MB Church in Vancouver, on October 28. Pastor Miki Kamberovic, an influential Roma leader from Serbia will be speaking in both events to share the challenge in their daily life and their spiritual needs. Pastor Miki will also share some Roma music.

We are grateful to have CCCOWE – Canada; CIM (Canada); COCM (Canada); NTCBC and RHCCC to co-organize this event.

2018 August Short Term Mission Trip

Short term mission team to Macedonia and Romania in August serving the Roma communities and churches

Prayer Requests:

  • To be God’s clean & fitted vessel to witness Christ’s love in unity with the power of the Spirit
  • God’s guidance upon the logistics of the trip and development of the programs (youth program and outreach meetings) to bear fruit for His kingdom
  • Prepare the hearts of the youth who will be attending the camps that their encounters with Jesus will be life-changing experience for them
  • God’s protection upon team members & their families with safety and health to do His will
  • Edifying working relationship with local pastors and their support teams to bring praises to the Lord
  • A blessed mission trip to the locals, prayer partners and team members to follow Jesus